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Pro Helvetia picks up topics on its own initiative if it believes this will generate benefits for cultural practitioners and society in general. It decides on areas that merit special attention and develops programmes which have either a thematic or geographical focus.


Impulse programmes take up issues of key significance in connection with Switzerland’s cultural identity and  the development of its cultural promotion policy.


International programmes focus on cultural exchange with certain countries and regions and aim to foster long-term institutional partnerships.


All initiatives by Pro Helvetia are devised in collaboration with artists, event organisers, cultural institutions, public and private sector sponsors and, outside Switzerland, with Switzerland’s diplomatic and consular missions abroad. The Swiss Arts Council allocates around 10% of its operational funds to initiatives.

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Pro Helvetia

Swiss Arts Council

Hirschengraben 22

8024 Zurich

T +41 44 267 71 71
F +41 44 267 71 06