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Pro Helvetia – a worldwide presence

Pro Helvetia maintains a network of offices abroad to support it in its task of promoting Swiss culture throughout the world. These offices create their own annual programme and forge and cultivate ties with cultural institutions and event organisers in their region. Pro Helvetia’s long-term goal is to have an office in each of the world’s major cultural regions.



For detailled information please click on the interactive world map below.

Weltweit_en Paris Johannesburg Kairo New Delhi Shanghai New York San Francisco Rom

The liaison offices develop regional contacts and nurture long term partnerships in the event sector. They act as a go-between between cultural projects from Switzerland and local events organisers, initiate co-productions with cultural practitioners from the host region and organise residencies for artists.


The cultural centres include premises in which events can be held. They are located in international hubs of cultural life, where a representative window to Swiss culture can have a significant impact. The Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris is managed and funded by Pro Helvetia. As regards the other centres, the Swiss Arts Council participates in their cultural programme on the basis of a performance agreement. 


Pro Helvetia is also present in further global regions through mandates and cooperation agreements.