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Algorithms of Arts

The exhibition «Quantum of Disorder» at the Haus Konstruktiv is the result of a collaboration with the artists-in-labs programme ICS/ZHdK. Showcased are works between arts and science. >>

Spotlight on «Alter Écho» at Archipel

The festival of contemporary music Archipel this year investigates the correspondences among arts and their mutual influence from 20 until 29 March. >>

Focus on Swiss Graphics

The exhibition Grafik15 showcases the latest trends in graphic design from 13 until 15 March at the Maag Halle in Zurich. >>

A media arts project in Basel

The project «affective environments» by Jan Torpus, who received a grant for interdisciplinary works from Pro Helvetia, is exhibited at the Haus der elektronischen Künste. >>


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12 Swiss Books

Discover 12 newly published works of literature from all four linguistic regions, especially recommended for translation by Pro Helvetia. >>


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In Touch with Digital Creation

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