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Dance forum in Fribourg

The third edition of «Forum Dance» will be held on 16 October in Fribourg. Reso, Danse Suisse and Pro Helvetia invite dance practitioners and dance-related institutions to lay out their visions for dance. >>

«12 Swiss Books» fresh off the press

The fourth edition of «12 Swiss Books» is now available. This magazine, aimed at publishers, translators and literature specialists, presents 12 books in Switzerland’s three main national languages. >>

Swiss drama creation in Avignon

The Romandie-based theatre promotion agency Corodis and Pro Helvetia have jointly launched the project «Sélection Suisse en Avignon» with the goal of spotlighting Swiss performing arts during the Off-Festival. >>

Spotlight on Swiss art work

There is a strong focus on arts and artists from Switzerland at this year’s «Actoral.15, festival des arts et des écritures contemporaines» in Marseille. Yan Duyvendak’s «Sound of Music» has been chosen to open the event. >>

Anniversary Centre Culturel Suisse

The Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris celebrates this year its 30th anniversary. During its celebrations the Federal Councillor Alain Berset inaugurated the production «PerformanceProcess» on 18 September. >>


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Pro Helvetia in 2014

Pro Helvetia’s 2014 Annual Report is now online. >>

12 Swiss Books

Discover 12 newly published works of literature from all four linguistic regions, especially recommended for translation by Pro Helvetia. >>


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