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Arts outreach in Biel

Arts, education, integration, intercultural and social projects. Who is responsible for funding arts outreach activities? How should arts outreach be promoted, as an independent field or as part of a given mandate to an institution? What role does the private sector play? To what extent does the promotion of arts outreach need to be backed by cultural and educational policies?


Specialists will be discussing these and other issues at the Stadttheater in Biel/Bienne on 1 March. The speeches are held in German or French, without translation.


The forum in Biel brings to a close the series of four events on the topic of arts outreach staged between September 2011 and March 2012, at which culture specialists and policy-makers in the fields of culture and education discuss arts and audience issues. The series of debates forms parts of Pro Helvetia’s Arts and Audience programme and is organised by Pro Helvetia in collaboration with the Canton of Valais and the municipalities of Berne, Basel and Biel/Bienne.


The programme is supported by the Mercator Schweiz foundation. Go to the column on the right to register for the forum in Biel.


You will also find details of the event there as well as further information on the forum series and on Pro Helvetia’s Art and Audience programme.