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Collection Cahiers d'Artistes 1997-2007

This is the list of the artists portrayed:


Series VII, 2007

Laurence Bonvin (1967, photography); David Chieppo (1973, painting); Collectif_Fact (Annelore Schneider 1979, Swann Thommen, 1979, Claude Piguet 1977, photography, video, installation); Tom Huber (1976, drawing, photography, text); Vincent Kohler (1977, painting, sculpture, installation); Elodie Pong (1966, video); Pamela Rosenkranz (1979, installation, drawing, graphic art, photography, new media).


Series I - VI can be ordered as long as supplies last.


Series VI 2005-2006

Davide Cascio, installation, concept art; Stéphane Dafflon, installation, graphic design; Joëlle Flumet, drawing; Franziska Koch, video, installation; Mai-Thu Perret, various media, concept art; David Renggli, installation, sculpture, object art, photography; Loredana Sperini, drawing, textile work, installation; Marco Zürcher& Matteo Terzaghi, installation, video.


Series V 2002-2003

Fabienne Berger, choreography (F/E); Valentin Carron, sculpture, installation (F/E); Foofwa d'Imobilité, choreography/performance (F/E); Hervé Graumann, installation, net art (G/E); Patricia Jacomella & Maria Walther, J&W Management Consulting, performance (I/E); San Keller, action (E/G); FABRIC | CH, Patrick Keller, Christophe Guignard, Christian Barski, Stéphane Carion), new media, digital architecture (F/E); Sharyar Nashat, installation, video (I/F/E); Christine Streuli, painting (G/E); Markus Wetzel, concept art, public art (G/E).


Series IV 2000-2001

Thomas Galler, video, photography (G/E); Anna Huber, choreography, dance (G/E); Gilles Jobin, choreography (F/E), dance; Barbara Mühlefluh, installation, object art (G/E); Nathalie Novarina, Video, photography, new media (F/E); Didier Rittener, drawing, object art (F/E); Eric Schumacher, installation, drawing (G/E); Hans Stalder, painting (G/E); Robert Suermondt, painting, video (out of print) (F/E); Alexia Walther, photography (out of print) (F/E).


Series III 1999

Compagnie Drift: Béatrice Jaccard, Peter Schelling, choreography (G/E); Nic Hess, drawing on paper and wall, installation (G/E); Daniel Robert Hunziker, sculpture, installation (G/E); Gianni Motti, sculpture, new media, photography, installation, video, performance (out of print) (I/E); Christoph Schreiber, new media, photography (G/E).


Series II 1998

Istvan Balogh, photography (out of print) (G/E); Sabina Baumann, drawing on paper, painting, object art (G/E); Reto Boller, painting, installation (out of print) (G/E); Yan Duyvendak, video art (out of print) (F/E); Mario Sala, painting, installation, drawing on paper (out of print) (G/E); Philippe Saire, choreography (out of print) (F/E); Therese Waeckerlin / Agatha Zobrist, installation (out of print) (G/E).


Series I 1997

ALIAS Compagnie, Guilherme Botelho, choreography (out of print) (F/E); Ana Axpe, photography, video (F/E); Xerxes Ach, painting (G/E); Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg, public art (out of print) (G/E); Daniela Keiser, object art, installation, photography (out of print) (G/E); L/B Sabina Lang / Daniel Baumann, new media, photography, installation, performance (out of print) (G/E); Karim Noureldin, drawing on paper (out of print) (G/E); Harry Jo Weilenmann, painting (F/G/E); Patrick Rohner, painting (out of print) (G/E); Monica Studer / Christoph v d Berg, new media (E/G).