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What Pro Helvetia supports

Pro Helvetia supports artistic creation from Switzerland with an eye to diversity and taking into account its impact, both national and international. It supports projects that help to create and disseminate artistic works, or contribute to artistic exchange between Switzerland’s language regions or to arts outreach. As a national foundation, Pro Helvetia makes grants only to works and projects by cultural practitioners or institutions which enjoy recognition beyond their own regions.


The Arts Council supports projects in the areas of the visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature and society, as well as multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects.


The promotional activities of the Swiss Arts Council are bound by strict quality criteria and legal regulations. These are specified in its Guides for Applicants and Regulations.

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Pro Helvetia

Swiss Arts Council

Hirschengraben 22

CH-8024 Zurich

T +41 44 267 71 71

F +41 44 267 71 06